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HailiCare Inflatable Traction Belt Lumbar Hot Moxibustion Massage Lumbar Disc Magnetic Therapy Belt

HailiCare Inflatable Traction Belt Lumbar Hot Moxibustion Massage Lumbar Disc Magnetic Therapy Belt

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Product Parameters

Product name: Upgraded inflatable traction belt

Product weight: M: 950g, L: 980g

Product size: 28*19.5*9.7cm

Product material: PU leather

Scope of application: M: 27-36 inches, L: 32-41 inches

Product color: black

Product size: M: flat 1080*135mm inflatable 1060*210mm

                     L: Flat 1210*140mm Inflatable 1160*215mm


1. Upright traction: In the past, the traction was usually lying flat. After the traction in the hospital, the patient must stand and walk home. The vertebral space that has just been opened will return to the later compressed state under the weight of the human body. The effect is greatly reduced. The vertical traction of "Waist Doctor" overcomes various drawbacks of previous hospital traction, and can be traction by walking, sitting and standing.

2. Continuous traction and support: "Waist Doctor" can sustain traction and continuous support (even for tens of hours), which consolidates the traction effect and allows the damaged lumbar spine to get enough rest (the patient obviously feels no pressure on the lumbar spine when using it), Compared with the previous traction, the treatment effect is more obvious and the cycle is shorter!

3. Large traction force: The air expansion force is large, 25 air expansion columns are evenly distributed around the waist, and stretch at multiple points at the same time to ensure that the vertebral space is opened, and the effect is good.

4. Double function of lumbar and waist protection: at the same time of traction treatment, the continuous support belt reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine (the pressure on the lumbar spine is small, and the possibility of lumbar spondylosis is less, and the wide belt body can prevent the lumbar spine from leaning forward, For actions that are unfavorable to the lumbar spine, such as sideways and flashing waist, wearing "Waist Doctor" is conducive to the recovery of the normal physiological alignment (curve) of the lumbar spine, and plays a role in preventing lumbar spondylosis.

5. There are 2 magnets around the waist for medical magnetic therapy.

6. Hot moxibustion physiotherapy, lumbar spine patients are more suffering from lumbar spine pain when cold and damp, hot moxibustion keeps the waist warm and protects the waist, expels cold, physiotherapy for the lumbar spine, and protects health.

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